Feb 26 2010

What Is The Best Low Cost Way Of Advertising My Website?

I have a website about cooking and I want to get alot of traffic but advertising is expensive. Looking for easy low cost ways of advertising my site.

Feb 25 2010

What Are My Job Opportunities In Finishing Bachelor Of Fine Arts Major In Advertising?

hi! i’m planning to take Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising for college. and here’s the case Well art is my passion, but i know that you have to be really gifted like hell to be a picasso or michael angelo. and i want to have a comfortable and money problem-free life. so i […]

Feb 24 2010

What Are The Regulations For Advertising/sponsorship And Broadcasting Rights For The Olympic Games?

I’m having to present a 30 minute presentation and I really have no clue of the subject matter. My task is this. “Analyse critically the advertising/sponsorship regulations and broadcasting rights for the Olympic games. Use examples from several olympics.” Really, I’m trying to find out where the regulations would be written for these different subjects. […]

Feb 20 2010

Freakononomics: Chapter 3 – What Is The Effect Of Advertising On Market Demand For A Good Or Service?

Considering chapter 3’s analysis of the transformation of Listerine from an antiseptic to a cure for halitosis, what can one conclude about the effect of advertising on market demand for a good or service? I guess if you make it a big deal about the item through advertising it causes a high demand?

Feb 18 2010

What Are The Highest Paying Advertising Programs On The Internet?

My Google AdSense account was just disabled for “invalid click activity” – even though I did NOTHING wrong. I am quite furious and want to know if there are any other advertising website I can use. Please let me know. Thanks!

Feb 13 2010

What Do You Think Is The Key To A Successful Marketing/advertising Career?

I’m planning to find a job on the field of Marketing/Advertising. What qualities do you think I definitely must have on this field to be successful? WordPress Autoblogging Software

Feb 11 2010

What Are The Channels I Need To Go Through To Become Part Of An Advertising Agency?

Hey! Im only a 15 year old boy but I have ambitions on becoming part of an advertising agency helping clients with their developed products for their customers possibly in ny since I live there. I came here to ask what do I need to take in high school that will look good on my […]

Feb 10 2010

What Percentage Of All Advertising On Tv Is In Commercial Breaks?

I am learning about integrated marketing, product placement etc. and was wondering what percentage of advertising is in commercial breaks ? I’m guessing its fairly low these days as marketers are targeting people through reality tv and so on.

Feb 1 2010

What Are Some Typical Advertising Job Interview Questions?

I would like to prepare for an advertising job interview and wanted to get a list of sample questions that are typically asked and would be good to prepare with. Any ideas?

Jan 29 2010

What New Technology Devices Do You Use At Home To Get Your Work Done Easier?

Like if i am a secratary and i have to take my work home with me ten which technological devise would you recondmend is the best at keeping data and is easier to carry, and where would you buy it?