Nov 29 2011

PageRank, Stephen Hawking & Pizza

Today’s video round-up features some PageRank eduction from Matt Cutts, NMA’s take on the Ndamukong Suh situation, Stephen Hawking dicussing YouTube Space Lab, and much more. View more daily video round-ups here. Matt Cutts talks PageRank split possibilities: NMA does …

Nov 29 2011

Google Has “Exciting” Scraper Related Stuff in the Pipeline

Google Webmaster Central tweeted out a new Matt Cutts video today, discussing the Panda update and scrapers. The specific question addressed is: “I understand that the recent farmer update (Panda) gives a penalty for poor content. Given the penalty scrapers …

Aug 24 2011

Google: Not Having Robots.txt is “A Little Bit Risky”

Robots.txt as you may know, lets Googlebot know whether you want it to crawl your site or not. Google’s Matt Cutts spoke about a few options for these files in the latest Webmaster Help video, in response to a user-submitted …

Jul 22 2011

Help Google Crawl Your Site More Effectively, But Use Caution

Google has introduced some changes to Webmaster Tools – in particular, handling of URLs with parameters. “URL Parameters helps you control which URLs on your site should be crawled by Googlebot, depending on the parameters that appear in these URLs,” …

Apr 11 2011

URL Shorteners and SEO, According to Google

With Google looking more at social media these days, in terms of ranking signals, a lot of webmasters continue to wonder how Google treats URL-shorteners in terms of SEO. This isn’t completely new information, but it still seems to be a topic that continues to come up fairly regularly. Google’s Matt Cutts addressed the issue in a video posted to Google’s Webmaster Help YouTube channel. “Custom URL shorteners are essentially just like any other redirects,” he explains. “If we try to crawl a page, and we see a 301 or permanent redirect, which pretty much all well-behaved URL shorteners (like or will do, if we see that 301 then that will pass PageRank to the final destination.” “So in general, there really shouldn’t be any harm to using custom URL shorteners in your SEO,” he continues. “The PageRank will flow through. The anchor text will flow through, and so I wouldn’t necessarily worry about that at all.” “Now, just to let you know, if you look at, for example, Twitter’s web pages, many of those links have a nofollow link,” he adds. “So those links that are on the webpage, may not necessarily flow PageRank, but we might be able to find out about those links through some other way – maybe a data feed or something like that. But just URL shorteners, as far as how they relate to SEO, are not necessarily a problem at all.” When we spoke with Gil Reich of at SMX Advanced last summer, he s uggested using shorteners that let you get keywords in the URLs .

Jul 1 2010

Budwesier’s World Cup Sponsorship Drives U.K. Searches

U.K. searches for the beer brand grew 25 percent week-over-week for the seven days ending June 19.

Jun 29 2010

Yahoo’s World Cup Traffic Victories Score For Audi and Visa

Yahoo Sports is beating rival for traffic that’s specific to the global soccer event. But each have benefited from the unprecedented American fervor for the World Cup during the past two weeks.

Jun 25 2010

Hispanic Web Users More Likely to Visit World Cup Content

According to Hitwise, three segments of the U.S. Hispanic population were more likely to visit World Cup-related content than the overall online population.

Jun 22 2010

RIM and Android Eat into Apple’s Mobile Ad Dominance

Share of ad impressions to Apple smartphone devices from Millennial Media’s network falls below 50 percent in May.

Jun 11 2010

Visits to Social Sites Surpass Those to Search Engines in U.K.

U.K. users visited social networking sites more than they did search engines during May, according to Hitwise.