Jul 12 2010

How Does Political Advertising Not Influence Voters?

I have been doing research for a while now on the following statement for my television broadcasting class: “Political advertising influences the way people vote” However I need to find research that DISAGREES with that statement. But it’s hard to find information on it so far. So if anyone has any ideas on how political […]

Feb 26 2010

What Is The Best Low Cost Way Of Advertising My Website?

I have a website about cooking and I want to get alot of traffic but advertising is expensive. Looking for easy low cost ways of advertising my site.

Feb 25 2010

What Are My Job Opportunities In Finishing Bachelor Of Fine Arts Major In Advertising?

hi! i’m planning to take Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising for college. and here’s the case Well art is my passion, but i know that you have to be really gifted like hell to be a picasso or michael angelo. and i want to have a comfortable and money problem-free life. so i […]

Feb 24 2010

What Are The Regulations For Advertising/sponsorship And Broadcasting Rights For The Olympic Games?

I’m having to present a 30 minute presentation and I really have no clue of the subject matter. My task is this. “Analyse critically the advertising/sponsorship regulations and broadcasting rights for the Olympic games. Use examples from several olympics.” Really, I’m trying to find out where the regulations would be written for these different subjects. […]

Feb 22 2010

How Do I Find Out How Much Money Is Spent On Promotional Advertising On A Feature Film From Any Movie Studio?

Looking for the places to look or visit that would have the amount of money that any movie studio or all movie studios spend on advertising a movie. Like the amount spent on commercails, billboards, magazines,ect.. Wanting info on major studios.

Feb 21 2010

How Much To Charge For Advertising On A New Sports Website?

I am starting a sports video website and would like to charge a flat fee for my banner advertising. We are soliciting sales before the website launches. How much should I charge per month per banner?

Feb 20 2010

Freakononomics: Chapter 3 – What Is The Effect Of Advertising On Market Demand For A Good Or Service?

Considering chapter 3’s analysis of the transformation of Listerine from an antiseptic to a cure for halitosis, what can one conclude about the effect of advertising on market demand for a good or service? I guess if you make it a big deal about the item through advertising it causes a high demand?

Feb 19 2010

How Does Web Traffic And Advertising Work, And Does It Work Well?

How does web advertising work. I seen one ad where you go to the site, and someone wrote short stories and was charging 1.00 for each to read online, and another answers site where you ask a question and say how much you will pay for the answer. I wonder if it works and if […]

Feb 18 2010

What Are The Highest Paying Advertising Programs On The Internet?

My Google AdSense account was just disabled for “invalid click activity” – even though I did NOTHING wrong. I am quite furious and want to know if there are any other advertising website I can use. Please let me know. Thanks!

Feb 16 2010

Is Radio Advertising Typically The Best?

I am trying to budget future expenses for advertising in the business I want to start. I think that radio advertising would be the most effective- does anyone have any thoughts/ tips/ suggestions? My target market is parents of 4- 8 year olds and their children. What time do you think would be the best […]