Jun 12 2009

How to Prepare for Facebook ‘Usernames’

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is allowing for the creation of vanity “usernames” that will allow you to customize your Facebook address.  This change is a permanent and non-transferable … so select wisely. What ‘Usernames’ Applies To Users will be able to register custom usernames for both profiles and Facebook pages.  In case you aren’t familiar with the two, profiles are for human beings while fan pages are used for businesses, brands, causes and more .  Groups and applications cannot be given a Facebook username.  You can register Saturday Morning (12:01 EST) at the Facebook username page . How Profiles & Pages Work in the SERPs Profiles Profiles are currently listed in the SERPs, but the listings aren’t an carbon copy of your current Facebook page.  The page that is indexed is not a representation of what your friends would see; it is simply a page that is served up to search engines with a basic offering of information like location, sampe friends and a profile picture.  The current structure of profiles is facebook.com/people/firstname-lastname/FacebookProfileNumbe r.  In order to see that full profile, a searcher must be logged in with the proper permissions.  Note: If all of your profile privacy is set to “my friends only” then they will never be indexed by search engines. Pages Pages are fully indexed by search engines, and s so updates, comments and Facebook links can be seen.  Right now the page URL structure looks like this: www.facebook.com/pages/page-name/FacebookPagenumber . How To Use for Business Profiles Seeing that profile rankings in SERPs are hindered by the faux-page delivered to search engines, creating a username to rank doesn’t seem like an ideal maneuver.  Instead, usernames would be a nice addition for name branding, as people can insert easier into business cards, emails and the sort. Pages This is where a solid keyword username could help your page to rank (in both SERPs and possibly in Facebook queries).  Using the Facebook domain strength with a short keyword rich URL could really help for broader queries and also in reputation management for branded terms.  Twitter accounts have been showing up more and more in the SERPs, and this effort should help more Facebook pages show up as well. Of course you should make sure that your username fits in with your branding and you shouldn’t try to overthrow your current efforts because you snagged a cute keyword. If you have been active on the Facebook front, you probably have a few industry related pages devoted to broad non-branded terms.  These would be ideal targets for keyword rich usernames as they wouldn’t ruin branding and the keyword  in the URL structure would benefit any marketing efforts.  So if your antique auto parts store has a “Vintage ‘79 Fords’ page, registering the username “vintage-fords’ should help your page rank, and makes sense as a business move because it is a logical and legiti.mate username.  Facebook has made it clear that very broad terms “pizza” or “flowers” will not be allowed, so try and get a bit creative with your choice. Who is Eligible Any profile created before the announcement at 3 PM on June 9, 2009.  Each profile can have only one name assigned, and each page can only have one as well.  If you didn’t already have this in place, you are out of luck.  You will have to set up your page now, then check back on June 28th to nab your username. Facebook pages are a bit stricter. Your fan page must have been created before May 31, 2009 cut-off date and have had a minimum 1,000 fans at that time. What to Do Stick to Branding – Don’t ‘over-SEO’ yourself if you are working on a specific brand.  While you may be missing some main keywords, you will help in reputation management, branding and will cut confusion. Use Keywords Where Applicable – Companies very active with Facebook marketing most likely have some general industry pages set up that are non-branded.  Getting keyword rich usernames for these would be ideal. Brand yourself – Sure ‘hax0rM4n1k” is a cool handle, but it will be associated with your name forever, so stick to the basics and wrap-up your name for any Facebook profiles.  These profile pages will show in the SERPs so make sure you keep it clean if you ever want to be employed. Protect yourself – If not eligible and have a trademark?  Head over to the USPTO , grab your registration number, and fill out the “protect your username” form . What Not to Do Try to Steal Trademarked Terms – You will not be able to keep them and you are just being a jerk.  Don’t do that. Overly SEO Yourself – Don’t ditch your branding for a set of shiny keywords. Be Late – Facebook has a handy counter for you on the usernames page … so you have no excuse.  Any by the way that is 12:01 AM Eastern, so don’t be late west-coasters. Facebook usernames looks to be a nice addition for profiles and pages, just choose wisely as this is will go on your permanent (Facebook) record! Don’t forget to subscribe to the 10e20 RSS Feed !

Jun 4 2009

Why the Digg Ad System Will Help Digg (and Digg Users)

Yesterday, Digg announced the release of “ Digg Ads ” a new advertising platform that will hopefully pull their finances out of the red .  What is different about this form of advertising on Digg, is that it is the first time that they have mixed the content in with the ads. Ads will look exactly like a normal submission with the exception that no submitter will be present and a small line will appear on the top and bottom of the article with the text  “sponsored” above. A Brief History of Digg Ads Digg has never really figured out how to really monetize advertisements on the site.  They have looked for help in figuring out what users wanted, and tested out different platforms.  Digg started up using Google as an ad provider with a mix of Federated Media placements .  Then about two years ago Digg moved away from Google AdSense and gave Microsoft a spin at providing ads.  This year Digg again tried mixing it up by dropping Microsoft to try slinging their own ads .  In addition to going it alone on the ad front, Digg hired away Federated Media’s Sales Chief about a week ago as their Chief revenue Officer. Why this makes sense for Digg What Digg has been doing from an ad standpoint simply hasn’t been working .  They are losing money year after year, and this is a glimmer of hope that they can successfully monetize ads with site interaction.  These ads will not be static messages, as Digg is giving the community the ability to interact with the ads by voting and commenting; eventually setting the price for the ads.  While obviously users would prefer an ad-free site, this form of advertising is truly interactive from both the user perspective and the advertiser perspective. Diggers are very anti-establishment and a good portion of them ad-block the current ads on the site.  One reason for this may the fact that Digg hasn’t provided their audience with the most relevant of ads .  Digg has even apologized for some highly annoying ads that have upset its users in the past.  Seeing that Digg has tried  a variety of different ads to no avail, a fresh attempt is needed and this approach looks like it may solve many of the current problems. Why This Will be Good for Users If it works, Digg will stick around. As silly as this sounds, making money (or at least breaking even) is an intrinsic aspect of running a service for people.  Sure Diggers are used to getting things for free  (torrents, software cracks, Digg w/ad block … etc) but at the end of the day a Digg with sponsored listings is better than no Digg at all.  Many users are already embracing the system, as long as it isn’t too intrusive: I think this is great, but please don’t put more than 2 ads in the river at any given time. – Digg User Alancayce Users will determine how much advertisers have to pay. If an ad sucks, users will be able to speak up about it in a civilized format instead of  submitting articles complaining about ads .  The worst ads will be footed with a bigger bill, and advertisers may re-consider purchasing again. They aren’t annoying. Traditionally, ads that have appeared on Digg can play music when hovered over, pop-out or be too flashy (like the current Microsoft ad campaign on Digg).  These new ads are clearly marked and look to be stationary and unobtrusive.  Users will see a link with a short description and can choose whether to check it out or not, no digital shenanigans involved. This will help to make ads much more relevant. The majority of complaints about Digg ads have been that they are off-topic and intrusive.  Now users can comment on why they dislike an ad to sway negative votes, and bury ads that suck.  If it’s a good ad – great!  More good ads should begin popping up. Why This Will be Good for Advertisers If your content is good, you should be able to pay pennies on the dollar. This should help those non-traditional advertisers who couldn’t afford bloated CPMs a shot at advertising on Digg. It is a way for advertisers to be a part of the site. Instead of working on captivating creative for banner ads, advertisers can be judged off of their content.  In an era of banner blindness, being integrated into the site will undoubtedly drive more clicks and awareness for ads. A Look at Other Social News & Bookmarking Ads The two largest Digg competitors are Reddit and StumbleUpon, both with legacy ad systems that are also integrated into the content. Reddit, currently undergoing user backlash , added ads to the site about 2 years ago, and has also added sponsored listings earlier this year.  Also, the side ads have always had the ability to be voted on by using the “Reddit this ad” button beneath each. StumbleUpon has an advertising system that allows advertisers to purchase views from selected users.  These ads directs StumbleUpon user to an advertisers page without notifying them about the nature of the paid stumble.  Currently only paid members have the ability to terminate these ads. Why the Digg Ad System Will be Better Unlike the StumbleUpon model, the Digg ad model is upfront and doesn’t mislead visitors.  Users can see the clearly labeled ad, and choose not to view the page.  This doesn’t force unwanted content down a user’s throat and gives them the option of viewing the paid content placed within the site. The Reddit ads allow for commenting, but no voting functionality exists to let users decide the quality ( update: commentor ‘jedberg’ informs us that if an ad recieves a high number of votes it can stick around longer).  The new Digg ad system will show the votes and also allow users to bury the ads (traditionally, a buried ad is hidden once buried then grayed out to they user for good).  While Reddit did a good job mixing ads with content in a non-obtrusive format, Digg has taken this one step further and will help users dictate the ad pricing, and hopefully the users eventually dictate the ads altogether. What Advertisers Should Know Even though you think you can buy your way onto the popular page of Digg, it is a MUCH different venue than creating quality content that users naturally promote to the homepage.  Even though the ads will be featured on the homepage, Diggers traditionally pass on paid messages.  Additionally, if an ad is sent to a strictly commercial page that is of no interest to the Digg community, they will face a high level of criticism.  While this seems like an easy way to “get popular” on Digg, the traffic, links and visibility from a natural community driven story will be exponentially larger and more productive than a sponsored message . What Ads Will Work The Digg community is a highly technical community that is stereo-typed as enjoying video games, gadgets, Democrats.  Companies that are tech related  or have products that have a positive reputation on Digg should fare well.  These advertisers could successfully leverage product launches, updates and exclusives by using the new Digg ads.   To see what will work, simply visit the site regularly and see what is gathering the most votes and responses- these will be the successful ads down the road. Examples: Microsoft leaks a release date around the Zune HD through a Digg ad or Warner Bros. buys an Ad for an upcoming Batman trailer What Ads Won’t Work As much as the community likes technology and politics, they despise ads.  With that said, nearly all of the Digg banner ads would be a massive failure if they purchased this new form of advertising.  Anything that is corporate, sales-y or not interesting will be victimized.  If your product isn’t targeting tech-savvy opinionated 16-30 year old males, you won’t have success with these ads.  I feel that the majority of the early ads will flop miserably and hurt mismatched companies more than it will help. Examples: Freecreditreport buys an ad that sends users to their homepage or Hummer buys an ad that features their newest gas guzzler How the System Could Backfire While voting and commenting on ads mixed in to normal Digg content sounds like a great idea, Diggers have been known to be a very harsh crowd, and excessively negative comments are common ground on Digg.  If an ad is terrible, not only will the price be higher, but it could feel the wrath of the Digg community who are notorious for being brutal commenters.  Many major brands may shy away from this form of advertising if their reputation is dragged through the mud. Additionally, if the quality of the sponsored ads is lacking, or the ads seriously degrade the content on the site, users could be isolated and may leave Digg completely. Conclusion This ad system is a well needed change for Digg, as it brings much needed revenue potential that will deliver a much bigger bang for advertisers.  However, advertisers may shy away from an ad that hangs them out to dry in front of the nefarious Digg community.  It is a risky move, but has the early potential to be the hands down leader in social news advertising …  only time will tell. What do YOU think? Don’t forget to subscribe to the 10e20 RSS Feed !

May 27 2009

Will Digg Be a Better Place Without Shouts?

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday Digg removed the controversial “shout” feature that allowed users to share stories with one another.  This feature was Digg’s only internal tool for communication that was put in place a little over a year and a half ago. History Shouts were supposed to even the playing field between ‘power users’ and the common Digger.  This feature allowed users to select a story that they enjoyed and send it directly to their friends on Digg.  Shouts did empower numerous Digg users and did help more stories gain awareness and become popular when otherwise they might not have.  However, one major problem occurred, the majority of users abused this, and used it as a spammy broadcast tool.

May 13 2009

A Short List of the Search Experts I Trust

Given the statements made in my last post, I figured this might come in handy. Here’s a short list of people and sites whose advice I follow and would go to for help, to outsource a project, or to learn more about search, whether I was stuck or just wanted the latest information. It’s by no means all-inclusive, and not in any particular order. This is just off the top of my head, and for the sake of variety I took a person’s site off the “site” list if I mentioned them by name. People: David Bullock Jill Whalen Danny Sulliva n Wendy Boswel l Andy Beard Jennifer Laycock Marty Weintraub   Ann Smarty Lyndon Antcliff Donna Fontenot Aaro n Wall Lee Odden Chris Winfield   Sites:  SEO Rainmaker Search Engine Blog Daily Crawl SEOMoz Sphinn SEO Roundtable   Search Engine Watch Search Engine Guide ISEDB Search Engine Journal StuntDubl How to Increase Your Search Engine Visitors Every site needs more search engine visitors. Join Traffic Reality , where we’ll teach you end-to-end Website Promotion Techniques starting with how to get the best out of Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search. Learn how to integrate all your promotion efforts into a plan that keeps working even when you’re not. convert this post to pdf.

May 7 2009

How To Make the DiggBar Work for You

While there has been a rather large commotion (mostly negative) about the recent release of the DiggBar we have been watching and tracking its usage to find out how the community actually uses it.   Surprisingly, we have found many beneficial aspects to the bar, and discovered a handful of ways that you can use the DiggBar or a shortened URL ( DiggURL)  help your success on Digg. (If you haven’t seen the DiggBar yet, check the following video) Who Sees The DiggBar Many people will argue that framing a website is intrinsically evil.  If you are one of this mindset, I would like to say that Digg’s most recent changes have honestly attempted to make the frame visible only to those who choose to view it, though it still does frame a website.  So before we get into the benefits of the DiggBar, we can take a look at who will and will not see the DiggBar to begin with: 1. Users who don’t have a Digg account won’t see it When the DiggBar first was released, all Digg users were sent to the DiggBar’ed story (unless they chose to always have it shut off.)  After a large outcry from casual users of the site and publishers, Digg went ahead and removed it completely on outbound links for users  who were not currently logged in with  a Digg account. What this means: The casual bloggers/publishers/lurkers who are trolling for stories on the site will never be fed a story that is DiggBar’ed unless they are currently logged in with the DiggBar turned on. They will receive the clean link directly to the source. 2. Users with a Digg account  who dislike can opt to NEVER see it One of the nice things that Digg did do with the bar is to make it extremely easy to turn it off forever.  There are two easy  ways that you can use to turn off the DiggBar: from the DiggBar Itself from your personal options Now, the really cool feature of the shortened DiggURL is that, even if you have an account and someone sends you that shortened URL (and your preferences are off), you will be redirected to the story page.  The only way that you can ever see the DiggBar is if you opt to by manually typing digg.com/ before your URL . What this means: Not all Diggers will see the DiggBar.   Unlike those horridly annoying ow.ly domains from HootSuite on Twitter, BurnURL or any other framed in service – the DiggBar is essentially only shown to those who actually want to see it. 3. If you don’t want anyone to see it, you can choose not to While the DiggBar was intended to help Diggers find great content and vote on it, at the end of the day, it is your site and you can choose to not allow anyone to frame it.  Many sites (even the New York Times) bust frames, so even those users  who opt in to view the DiggBar will be directed to the main article. Here are some resources on  how to break frames: Breaking Out of Frames with JavaScript Wikipedia includes a JavaScript variation that includes a popup as to why you will be redirected Also, if you have a WordPress blog, the plugin “ Diggbarred ” can be installed to block the DiggBar in its entirety. What this means: If you finish reading this article and still hate the DiggBar, you can make sure that nobody else out there will see it … even if they wanted to. How the DiggBar Can Help You So even though the DiggBar does frame a website, you can use this frame to your advantage, here’s how: 1. This one of the largest ‘approved’ ways to share your content off-site Digg has been known to enforce very stringent bannings on violations of Digg’s Terms of Use.  However, this form of promotion and sharing is not only acceptable, but encouraged.  The DiggBar allows you to share by email, Facebook or Twitter.  Emailing has always been an approved method of sharing, but now you can share your submissions directly on Twitter win a 100% approved fashion: 2. It allows for a quick check to see if a story has been submitted Digg has not been the most receptive to the use of its API to aid users.  Instead of relying on 3 rd party add-ons or plugins, you can now simply toss a “digg.com/” in front of any address to see if it has been previously submitted.  This is a simple and easy way to see if a story you find has already been submitted. 3. You can share content and people will know your intent (& you won’t look spammy) On Twitter or Facebook if you are attempting to share your story to increase the number of diggs, many times non-users simply don’t understand.  When sharing a DiggUrl, those who have an account and proper permission will see the DiggBar and give a vote if worthy, those who don’t participate in Digg will just be served the regular page – no harm done.  Before the DiggUrl and DiggBar, users on Twitter would try tagging tweets, sending to the Digg page itself and asking for Diggs.  The DiggURL makes it simple and straightforward; if you have an account, you understand the motive. 4. Users  who enjoy the DiggBar will have an easier time voting for your articles Believe it or not, there are users out there that enjoy the DiggBar.  It makes it easy to see the best comments, share good links and most importantly vote on articles that they deem worthy.  Digg has been ever changing to make it harder and harder to vote for stories that users enjoy.  The DiggBar is a step in the opposite direction, as users can vote quickly and easily, without having to flip back to the Digg page where they discovered the content.  Undoubtedly, the DiggBar will increase user votes and votes for your content

Apr 30 2009

Social Networking 101: Basic Tips For Online and Offline Social Networking

Guess what?  Social networking online is very similar to social networking offline (in the real world)!  Big surprise?  Believe it or not, for some, it really is a surprise. Whether you are looking to grow your network, influence, awareness and reach or advancing your professional and personal goals it’s important to recognize that being successful in social networking online and offline are very similar.  Most of us know the rules for networking in the real world, but it’s important to remember them for online, particularly if you are making your first moves into online social media and social networking.  The following are tips to become a decent social networker in either medium. Most tips apply in both scenarios. Know the organizer: Make it a point either when you arrive at the event or prior to leaving the event to thank the organizer for putting the event together,  let them know that you wish to attend future events and that you met some great contacts.

Apr 1 2009

The Best Niche Social Media News Sites Right Now

Last week I gave a presentation at SES NY and included a list of 35 niche social media sites that we participate in regularly. Lots of people have asked me for this list so I decided to put it here. The following 35 sites are broken down into 8 different categories and each site has an active community and can help you get exposure. These sites aren’t going to send you 50,000 visitors but they will send you targeted traffic & links (if you’re content is good) . 1. Business Tip’d – Finance Feed The Bull – Investing Motley Fool Caps – Small Cap Investing Value Investing News – Investing Pfbuzz – Personal Finance Real Estate Voices – Real Estate Sphinn – Internet Marketing Killer Startups – New Biz 2. Products & Commerce Dealspl.us – Deals iliketotallyloveit – Cool Products Dealigg – Deals ThisNext – Recommended Products 3. Sports/Leisure ArmchairGM – General Sports BallHype – General Sports Yardbarker – General Sports AutoSpies – Auto N4G – Gaming News 4. Art & Design Design Float – Design PhotographyVoter – Photography Pixel Groovy – Design Tuts Design Bump – Design 5. Programming DZone – Programming dotNet Kicks – .NET Programming Tweako – Computing 6. Entertainment/Celebrity ShowHype – Celebrity News VideoSift – Unique Videos Linkinn – Entertaining Media WeHeartGossip – Celeb News Plime – General Entertainment 7. Women’s News & Style Kirtsy – Women’s News Stylehive – Style Bookmarking Chictini – Woman’s Style 8. Environment Care2 – Better World EcoURLS – Environment Mind Body Green – Green Living There have been excellent similar lists like this but these are the ones I like and think are worth your time. For more about my process behind finding sites like this – check out this Search Engine Land article I wrote last year How To Identify & Target The Right Niche Social Media Sites . Do you have a good niche social media news site that I missed? Or have experiences with any of the ones above? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. And while you’re at it, why not follow me on Twitter

Feb 27 2009

Pubcon South, SES NY, IM Spring Break and YOU

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Elite Retreat .  It was an amazing event.  One where I felt I learned just as much from the attendees as the speakers (who were awesome!).  Shoemoney did a nice recap of the conference here and so did Scott Hendison .  Shoe isn’t sure if he’s going to do it next year but if he does – I would highly recommend attending. A bunch of people have asked me where I am going to speaking in the upcoming days, so I figured it would be easiest to give a rundown of the conferences I am going to be at and the panels I will be on. Pubcon South (March 11th – 13th * Austin, TX) For the first time in it’s storied history, Pubcon will be held in Austin, TX.  The Pubcon conferences are always great events and this one will be no different (how can you go wrong with keynotes by Matt Cutts & Guy Kawasaki?).  I’ll be speaking on two panels at Pubcon (both on Wednesday – March 11th): * Intersection of Search and Social Media @ 1:20pm Is the intersection of search and social media a train wreck waiting to happen or is it the “not search” based traffic we have long been seeking?  This session will explore that intersection from the webmaster, site owner and publisher points of view. * Twitter Landscape – A Indepth View of the Twitter Ecosystem @ 2:45pm Twitter – the hottest commodity to hit the web in years

Feb 25 2009

Why Your Social News Linkbait Isn’t ‘Baiting’

Having trouble getting exposure for your linkbait on social media news sites? Well, complain about algorithms all you want, but the odds are you’re doing something wrong.  Identifying these 5 main mistakes along with these tips to correct them, can help you debug your social media problems leading you to social success! This is a no-brainer; social media ‘power users’ do exist.  While you DON’T need to be a power user to find success on sites like Digg and Reddit, you DO need to be a part of the community.  If you don’t regularly participate in the community, vote on stories, submit great content (not just your stuff) and make friends … then the odds of  your content becoming popular are severely limited. If your accounts have never had any social media successes in the past, don’t waste your precious linkbait trying to make it your first ever submission to go popular .  Join the community, contribute to the site and build yourself up BEFORE submitting your content.  If you don’t have time to work your accounts, you should either stop your involvement in social media news marketing or look to others for help/guidance.  Chris wrote a brilliant post awhile back on how to meet other social media users and how you can use this to your advantage. The quality of accounts is one of the most critical success factors in the social media news sites.  To set yourself up for success, make sure you join the community wholeheartedly or know someone  who does. The quality of a site is make-or-break in social media.  If you are too salesy, business oriented or ad-focused you are setting yourself and your content up for  colossal failure.   Social media news users are looking for one thing – interesting news or great content .  They didn’t come to get slapped in the face with a massive pop-up. Many users are even repulsed by content that is too corporate.  Many times the creation of special non-branded pages or microsites is a good way to ensure that your linkbait will have a higher probability of being seen. A classic example of setting yourself up for failure is that of spreading your content across multiple pages to boost your ad impressions.  Sure, getting  ten extra pageviews for that piece of linkbait spread across  ten different pages is nice, but what would you rather have – a social media success with 100,000 visitors and 100,000 page views or a failure with 100 visitors with 1,000 page views.  I always recommend erring on the side of caution, and not giving social media users a reason to not vote for your content (or even downvote you). Even the most powerful social media users can’t make poor content popular.  Your content should fit the site’s audience, and be unique and engaging.  This is far and away the most common problem with the linkbait success. People spend far less time on lists, guides, and articles than they should.  If your content doesn’t floor someone, then why would they vote for you, let alone link to you?  If you are taking the humor hook , have your funniest friend or local struggling stand-up comedian help you write it.  Using the resource hook?  Then reach out (send emails, leverage twitter) and try to gain a quote from an industry expert. Maybe you think you can buy votes to get popular, or maybe you think setting up hundreds of accounts will do the trick.  Wrong.  Strategy is absolutely critical in social media news sites.  Your content should fit the network that you are using; you should follow all terms of use and you should act in a way that represents the community. Buying votes is a bad strategy .  Submitting to irrelevant sections just because they have more subscribers is an awful strategy.  Having everyone in your building vote on a story is a terrible method. Make sure that you have a well documented strategy before engaging in social campaigns, as one bad tactic can kill your linkbait forever . Let’s face it, sometimes your competition is just dirty .  Make sure your campaigns are under the radar until they become popular.  Don’t update your Facebook about upcoming promotions or send out Tweets asking for votes.  You are just asking them to help you fail.  Like everything else, there are always people looking to halt your success. Conclusion If you can take one and only one thing away from this post, I implore you to think about this: “When in doubt, always take the cautious route”. Do whatever it takes – ping a top user, put that corporate linkbait on a non-branded page, throw an extra set of eyes at the content, spend the extra time coming up with a comprehensive strategy and stay under the radar.  Your linkbait will thank you. If you like this post, please consider subscribing to our RSS or follow me on Twitter for more of the same

Feb 17 2009

Ultimate How-To: Social Media Buttons, Tools and Badges Resource

Great content needs to be seen and, ideally, voted on then shared. After spending the time creating the content, spend a bit more gearing up the page so that it can so it will receive optimal social media votes. We have created a one stop shop for all your social media site buttons and badge needs. Site Specific Buttons If your website is tailor-made for a specific social news site, try one of these buttons/badges.  These buttons allow visitors to vote quickly and easily if they deem the content worthy. Reddit Buttons The Reddit button allows for visitors to vote directly for your site (and see the current # of votes) on Reddit. Reddit WordPress Plugin Adds a Reddit badge to every post on WordPress blogs. Digg Badges Get the official Digg badge that allows visitors to see a story’s current # of Digg while making it quick and easy to vote. Digg Button Generator This online generator kicks out code  for custom Digg buttons. ‘DiggThis’ WordPress Plugin This plugin displays a digg badge on your WordPress blog only if the story has been dugg! Delicious Tagometer badge With this JSON powered Tagometer Badge, you can easily show both tags and number of saves. Twitter Buttons Allow others to follow you on Twitter with this button. Twitter icons These are a few slick looking Twitter icons to help turn traffic into followers. Tweetbacks Wordpress Plugin Bring Twitter conversation to your blog.  This WordPress plugin brings tweets to your post right into your comments! StumbleUpon buttons & tools Adding this ‘Stumble It!’ button to your site makes submitting your content to StumbleUpon easier for vsitors. Yahoo! Buzz Buttons An easy icon that allows visitors to vote on any Yahoo! Buzz-worthy content. Sphinn Buttons The Sphinn badge will shoot visitors over to the Internet marketing social news site. Add to Sphinn Button This Sphinn button visitors quickly submit your post to Sphinn. Wordpress PlugIn: SphinnIt Button It adds a “Sphinn It” button to your posts on WordPress blogs and the position of the button is also fully customizable. Mixx Buttons This code allows visitors to Mixx your content right from the page. Dzone Tools and Buttons This widget allows visitors to cast votes, buy clicking straight from the page. Tip’d Buttons These Tip’d buttons make it easy for readers to submit or Tip your financial stories on Tip’d. Shoutwire Buttons These badges allow for easy voting on Shoutwire for any of your current stories/posts. Newsvine link The “Seed Newsvine” link on the article pages of your news site or blog will allow your users to easily spread links to your site throughout the Newsvine community. Combination Badges These badges incorporate a variety of social media news networks so users are able to vote for on a variety of social sites.  If your site does not generate traffic that is specific to a social media news niche, then one of these might be the best option for you. Sociable Plugin This plugin lets you pick and choose which social badges to display on your WordPress blog.  Simply check the social si(s) of your choice and you are ready to go! ShareThis Plugin ShareThis  not only features all of the major social media news sites, but also Facebook, MySpace, AIM, as well as Email and through text messaging to mobile devices. Add To Any Button This badge, allows voting on the major social sites and gives you the ability to customize the menu colors to match your site. Add This Button Makes it easy for your visitors to bookmark and share your content with others on all of the major social sites This badge is very minimalistic and offers a very clean and simple design.