Feb 27 2010

Is Their Any Legitimate Work At Home Jobs On The Internet?

I would like to be able to work at home to be with my children. I live in a very rural area and the cost of gas compared to local wages is not worth the trip into town.

Feb 26 2010

Google Android Gains on Apple in Smartphone Ad Share

Android grows portion of U.S. smartphone ad requests as iPhone share shrinks.

Feb 26 2010

What Is The Best Low Cost Way Of Advertising My Website?

I have a website about cooking and I want to get alot of traffic but advertising is expensive. Looking for easy low cost ways of advertising my site.

Feb 26 2010

Does Anyone Know Any Work At Home Jobs That Are Real?

I’d love to work at home but there are alot of scams out there or you have to pay like $29.95 or so.

Feb 25 2010

What Are My Job Opportunities In Finishing Bachelor Of Fine Arts Major In Advertising?

hi! i’m planning to take Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising for college. and here’s the case Well art is my passion, but i know that you have to be really gifted like hell to be a picasso or michael angelo. and i want to have a comfortable and money problem-free life. so i […]

Feb 25 2010

4 New Widgets – St Patrick’s Coupon

TrendToGo Affiliate Program – New Widgets and Coupons Check out our new and exciting Widgets available in TrendToGo's creative section. We have 4 widgets in different sizes with 1 to 4 products in the categories: Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces (showing in different tabs). The widgets update automatically on your website. These attractive little product feeds will look great on your site! If you need any special size or color theme to match your website, let me know and I will be happy to create one for you with the products you want on it. St Patrick's Coupon: Offer : St Patrick's Day – 10% discount on Men's and Women's jewelry Coupon Code : 10STPAT Landing Page : http://www.trendtogo.com Offer Type : (% off) Start and End Date : March 01, 2010 – March 17, 2010 The Trend To Go Affiliate Program pays a 10% – 25% tiered commission on products sold when placing text links, banners or widgets on your website. Cookie Tracking is 120 days, which is better than most other affiliate programs in the same vertical. Not yet an Affiliate? Check out more information about the TrendToGo.com affiliate program right here . Sign up for the program here. Contact Affiliate Partner Manager : Michel Gerard Email : affiliates {AT} trentogo.com

Feb 24 2010

What Are The Regulations For Advertising/sponsorship And Broadcasting Rights For The Olympic Games?

I’m having to present a 30 minute presentation and I really have no clue of the subject matter. My task is this. “Analyse critically the advertising/sponsorship regulations and broadcasting rights for the Olympic games. Use examples from several olympics.” Really, I’m trying to find out where the regulations would be written for these different subjects. […]

Feb 23 2010

Does Anyone Know Of Good Customer Service Rep Jobs, Or Work At Home Jobs?

I am looking for quality customer service or any work-at-home jobs. I do not want to pay to get the information. Why should you pay for a job? I do not want any gimmicks or frauds. I know I am asking a lot. Yet, there must be good companies looking for employees to do customer […]

Feb 23 2010

Is There Such A Thing As Data Entry Work At Home,, Without Paying For It?

I’m trying to find some data entry work to do at home, on the side. I work for a professional office but nothing to bring home. I have heard of companies years ago that would send you work, or you pick it up, and do the input for them in the evening, UPS the work […]

Feb 22 2010

How Do I Find Out How Much Money Is Spent On Promotional Advertising On A Feature Film From Any Movie Studio?

Looking for the places to look or visit that would have the amount of money that any movie studio or all movie studios spend on advertising a movie. Like the amount spent on commercails, billboards, magazines,ect.. Wanting info on major studios.