Jan 31 2010

How Do I Go About Getting A Job In Advertising?

I’ve been thinking of what kind of career I want after school, and I feel like advertising would be a good choice for me. So my questions are.. 1) What kind of jobs are there in “advertising”? 2) What degrees would be helpful in getting jobs like these? 3) Are advertising jobs hard to get […]

Jan 30 2010

How Much Advertising Money Do Facebook Application Developers Get A Share Of In %?

I am learning as much as I can about developing facebook applications, and I’ve learned that you make money from your application by the adverts that companies on facebook place alongside your application. What I’d like to know is how much of the advertising money do you recieve in % after facebook take their cut […]

Jan 29 2010

Australians Spend Most Time on Social Networks and Blogs

Worldwide, Australian Internet users spend the most time engaging with social networking sites and blogs, according to data from Nielsen.

Jan 29 2010

What New Technology Devices Do You Use At Home To Get Your Work Done Easier?

Like if i am a secratary and i have to take my work home with me ten which technological devise would you recondmend is the best at keeping data and is easier to carry, and where would you buy it?

Jan 28 2010

Does Anyone Know A No Fee And No Membership Work At Home Jobs?

I am a stay at home mom right now and I would like to earn a little extra gas money or whatever money and I’m really good at inputing and data entry and I want to work as one at home. But, I can’t find any jobs that are absoultely free. No fees, no memberships, […]

Jan 27 2010

Does Anyone Know Of Any Legitimate Work At Home Websites?

I am looking for a work at home situation that is not eBay and that is not shady like many of those advertising places that make you pay a start up fee. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Jan 26 2010

Google Attracts Two-Thirds of Worldwide Searches in December

Global searches grew 46 percent in 2009, according to comScore.

Jan 26 2010

What Website Or Business Can Help Me Sell My Moblie Advertising?

I am starting a new division of my advertising agency that has been is business for 25 years. I am looking to give huge incentives in travel packages and purchasing product or services from the business that would become a new client. But I am looking for people that know something I don’t about getting […]

Jan 26 2010

Does Anyone Know Anything About A Work At Home Business Called Type4dollars.com?

I need to know if this is another scam. I want to work at home and I tried to look it up on the BBB website but could not find it listed.

Jan 24 2010

I Want A Graduate Degree On The More Creative End Of Advertising, Where Should I Go?

I am graduating DePaul with a masters in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Sociology. I really like the creative side of advertising. Making up the catchy slogans, the cool commercials, the magazine ads, the whole campaigns. I would really like to further my education, where is a good school for me to […]