Nov 27 2009

Does Anyone Know Of Any Legitimate Work At Home Jobs?

I am looking for a legitimate company I can work for at home so I can raise my daughter. I don’t want something that you have to send money to to get started.

Nov 27 2009

Get 14% Commission on Fashion & Celebrity Jewelry

JuliasJewelz , recently launched on ShareaSale, is offering new and existing inactive partners an increased commission of 14% on all orders. This is a time limited offer and will expire at the end of February, so please hurry. To participate, email patrick with your ShareaSale ID. Sign-up link on ShareaSale, click here . More info, click here . View all available links, including our datafeed here:

Nov 27 2009 silver jewelry giveaway., has a new sterling silver jewelry giveaway landing page featuring a pair of CZ stud earrings, absolutely FREE! Customers only pay $4.95 for shipping anywhere in the USA. SAS affiliates earn $1 commission for every visitor that orders the free CZ earrings. Here are the details: Silver Jewelry Giveaway Landing Page: Commission: $1.00 per participating visitor Valid through: December 26th 2009 or while supplies last SAS tracking:!!YOURUSERID!!&M=23874 To begin promoting the TrendToGo free CZ stud earrings giveaway, simply replace the !!YOURUSERID!! in the above link with your Shareasale affiliate ID.

Nov 27 2009

New Search Boxes from Exotissimo Travel

New Search Boxes from Exotissimo Travel I'm very excited to announce that Exotissimo Travel recently added 3 new Search-Boxes to CJ that will make a great addition to your site. These offer the same functionality as the search-box you'll see on the Exotissimo site, with the ability to search for Tours by Destination or Travel Style, such as Honeymoon or Trekking. Your visitors will also be able to search for Day Trips in many destinations by 'Travel Experience' such as Culinary or Responsible Travel. These search-boxes are sure to add engaging interactivity to your site and will certainly result in higher conversion rates when compared to banners. Log-in to your CJ account here . For more details on our affiliate program, click here .

Nov 26 2009

Where Do I Find Info On Good Controversial Television Advertising?

I’m writing an essay on how controversial television advertising can actually be good for the audience. Does anyone know how or where I can go about finding articles to help prove my point?

Nov 26 2009

How Will You Know If You Are Missing Out On A Great Job Opportunity If You Are Skeptical Trying Work At Home?

How will you know if you are missing out on something that could change your life or money situation as far as work at home opportunity? What will allow you to start a work at home opportunity?

Nov 25 2009

Has Anyone Tried The Global Entry Work At Home Jobs?

Just wondering, I could really use a legitimate work at home job. If anyone knows anything about this type of job or knows of anything else, please let me know. Thanks.

Nov 24 2009

U.S. Ad Impressions up 21 Percent in October

Advertising Placements by Industry and Top Sponsored Links, October 2009

Nov 24 2009

I Want To Be Very Successful In The Advertising/marketing Business In Atlanta. How Do I Start?

I want to move to Atlanta in the next year, and start working in advertising. I know that you have to start at the bottom, but I don’t know where and how to at least get in to the door of the business. I’m currently going for an associates in marketing and I have one […]

Nov 23 2009

I Can’t Sleep And I Don’t Have Money To Get Sleeping Pills. What At Home Remedies Work?

I don’t have extra money. So, I was wondering if there were at home remedies that work. I have tried warm mike with honey and things like that. If you have any ides please help. I really need sleep. I often go days with out it.