Jul 30 2009

I Am Trying To Find Out If Some Work At Home Filling Envelopes Jobs Are Legit?

I have run across several ads, some sound too good to be true, some sound as if they could be legit. I hesitate to send fees because how can it be a JOB if they require a fee. I really need to work at home, I live in a very small town and employment is […]

Jul 29 2009

How Does An Advertising Agency Get Paid?

I worked at a radio station selling advertising. When I would ask my supervisor and boss how a marketing / advertising agency works, the answer I would get is…it’s not worth your time or hard work. I have since quit my job due to, well, my boss was a tyrant, but that’s irrelevant. I have […]

Jul 29 2009

Does Anybody Know Where I Can Find Some Good Work At Home Jobs?

I’m interested at starting to work at home and am looking for any jobs that require you to work from home. I don’t know exactly where to look. I’ve had some leads that seem pretty legit but I need some more because I’m not sure if its going to work out with these particular work […]

Jul 28 2009

Anyone Know Of A Good Publication To Advertise In To Reach Advertising Executives In Shopping Centres?

We hire out 15 foot indoor radio controlled advertising blimps with a Pilot-Handler. The blimps carry banner transfers adhered to the sides of the blimp advertising a store, product etc, whatever the client wants. What would be a good publication in the UK to advertise this service?

Jul 28 2009

GreatSkin.com Back to School Special

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Jul 28 2009

Elance July Bonuses – 3 Days left!

There are 2 bonuses running until the end of July for new Elance affiliates. 3 days left to qualify! 1) Bonus 1 – $10 for the 25 first affiliates that activate and generate 100 legitimate clicks. 2) Bonus 2 – $50 for the 5 first affiliates that recruit 5 Employers with escrow payments of any amount. All details here: Not yet an Affiliate? Check out more information about the Elance.com affiliate program right here . Sign up for the program here . Contact Affiliate Partner Manager: Gerard Michel Vollet Email: affiliates {AT} elance.com

Jul 27 2009

What’s The Difference Between Majoring In Advertising And Majoring In Advertising Design?

What’s the difference between majoring in Advertising and majoring in Advertising Design? At Syracuse University they are two different majors. Advertising is in the school of public communications, while advertising design is part of the college of arts and sciences…??

Jul 27 2009

Where Can One Apply For A Work At Home Position Answering Incoming Calls?

I live here in Austin, TX and I wanted to know if there are any positions where I can work at home answering incoming calls maybe as a CSR or some other kind of job. I am not quite sure about the position I am in right now because they just laid off people so […]

Jul 26 2009

What Is A Typical Advertising Budget For Companies Shown As A Percentage Of Sales?

what do companies spend on advertising? What is the percentage of sales that a consumer electronics company spends on advertising? How are advertising budgets decided?

Jul 26 2009

Want To Find A Work At Home Opportunity With Inexensive Start Up Cost?

I am trying to find a work from home opportunity where I can earn a little supplemental income, however I am looking for one with fairly low start up costs. Any suggestions? I am a stay at home mom during the day but work evenings and Saturdays. I am great with numbers and the computer.