Mar 31 2009

Panda Security Affiliate Bonus Competition

Through Q2 2009 Panda Security is going to run an "Affiliate Bonus Competition". There are bonuses [based on monthly sales volume] which will be paid out to publishers who meet the defined sales targets below each and every month from April through to June. Here're the details of the competition: – Sell $500 worth of software and get a $25 cash bonus. [5% commission increase] – Sell $1,000 worth of software and get a $70 cash bonus. [7% commission increase] – Sell $2,500 worth of software and get a $225 cash bonus. [9% commission increase] – Sell $5,000 worth of software and get a $550 cash bonus. [11% commission increase] – Sell $10,000 worth of software and get a $1,300 cash bonus. [13% commission increase] – Sell $25,000 worth of software and get a $3,750 cash bonus. [15% commission increase] Notes: The competition is open to all publishers who have been approved onto the Panda Security Commission Junction affiliate program. The competition will run from April 1, 2009 through to June 30, 2009. All Panda Security titles [both Home and Home Office, as well as Enterprise software] are eligible for the competition. The bonus will be paid out [through Commission Junction] on the 1st day of the following month i.e. May 1, June 1, and July 1. All results will be based on data reported through Commission Junction. If you have any questions on this competition, please email the affiliate manager at: To check out the latest Panda Security affiliate newsletter please click here :

Mar 28 2009

iolo launches new datafeed

iolo Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of a full product data feed through Linkshare's Merchandiser. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with the affiliate manager at: James.Nardell [@]

Mar 27 2009

Launch Bonus for Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program was launched earlier this month and offers a Launch Bonus until 30 April 09: Affiliates will receive $10 for a first time job posting by an employer with 1st milestone funded in escrow + 1.25% of all job payments made through Elance over first 6 months, for a duration of 3 months. If no milestones are funded in escrow then the $10 is earned when the first job payment is made. Do not miss the chance to benefit of this bonus. Click here to sign up Contact Affiliate Partner Manager: Gerard Michel Vollet Email: affiliates {AT}

Mar 24 2009

Easter Specials from Organic Bouquet

This Easter Organic Bouquet is offering your customers Free Chocolate, a Free Vase and some great Growers Specials. These Specials are good for the whole month of April. Here are the offers for Easter: Free chocolate gift with the purchase of select Easter bouquets (expires 4/30/09) Free Vase with any bouquet purchase (expires 4/30/09) Save up to $10 on our Grower’s Specials (ongoing promotion) Login and get Links Not Yet an Affiliate? Sign up here Learn More About Organic Bouquet Here Organic – The Market Leader in Organic Flowers! Organic Bouquet, 750 Lindaro Street, Suite 330, San Rafael, CA 94901 USA

Mar 24 2009

Factory Seconds Sale extended into April

Recently we sent a newsletter to affiliates on our Factory Seconds Special. The Factory Seconds Special allows you to buy a quality refurbished Beer Machine for just $68.50, a savings of more than 50 Dollars! What we forgot to mention was that this sale will also be available during April (or until supplies last). The landing page for this sale is here: If you are an affiliate of Beer Machine please login to see a selection of banners for this Factory Seconds deal. Not Yet an Affiliate? Sign-up for our affiliate program on Share A Sale For more information about affiliate program, please click here – Home brew as easy as brewing coffee

Mar 18 2009

Calling Australian Publishers!

Do you have traffic from Australia? If so, you can now offer links to the Panda Security shopping cart in AU$

Mar 16 2009

The Single Best Kept Secret to Success With SEO – Have Something Worth Selling

> Guruisms for the week of 15-03-09 I don’t mind telling you where I think the gold is but you gotta do your own digging! G We’ve all heard that when there is a gold rush on the real money is in selling shovels. I bet the guys selling maps didn’t do too bad either. G ‘Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. Attributed to Abraham Lincoln. Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. My Grandma Why Would I Stop Buying From Who I Used to Buy From and Start Buying From You? The single biggest thing about my lack of a life as an SEO that has always amazed me is when I ask a prospective client to tell me why I would want to buy from them instead of buying from their competitor, in other words, what makes their offer better than someone else’s, no one, not a single person who has sought me out as an SEO has EVER been able to answer that simple question without my having to prompt them. SEO is not a way to “get around” having a business plan or a solid, value-driven product or service. In fact, if you don’t have a USP,(unique selling proposition), SEO is the last thing you need! You might as well invest in TV viewing as investing in SEO. If you can’t answer that question, it pays about the same. I have tried so many times in so many ways for so long to get that across to anyone that would listen that one would think I’d just give it up. But like flies to stink,   I just can’t pass it by. I have recently had yet one more opportunity to step to the virtual podium and preach. As the aforementioned flies, I carpe diemed. I think LinkedIn , like so many other great web ideas, has turned into little more than a poor man’s ad trough. So many of the questions are thinly disguised self promotional offerings of the fecal persuasion designed to impress readers with the posters acumen for their business du jour, be it tech, design, SEO or whatever. The idea of course being to ask and answer your own question. OOOOHHHH so clever! That is why primarily why I spend little time there any longer. However, LinkedIn, not to be outdone by their own members at spamming you and trying to make it appear as “help” to avoid having to actually pay for advertising, send me emails of topics I was interested in some 4 years ago and every now and then I get sucked in by the title of a question and finding myself re-affirming my belief that so-called seo’s can be some of the absolute worst marketers on the planet. NOTE : If I offended you by saying that, maybe you should be honest with yourself and go read The Purple Cow On one such recent occasion I uncharacteristically replied in the hopes it may have a positive impact on somebody somewhere and I’d like to share it now for the same reason. I hope I’m not infringing on anyone’s copyrights but you’d think they would appreciate the link. Anyway, I’ve removed the names to protect the guilty. With internet marketing getting bigger by the day & loads of options available- What should one really do to promote a business/website online optimally?

Mar 16 2009

H.E. Mr. Kenneth Thompson, Irish Ambassador to India

What a St. Patty’s day party this year turned out to be. I was lucky enough to get invited to a party at the Trident hotel in Mumbai hosted by the Irish embassy in India by my good friend David Lawrence. The ambassador was gracious enough to grant me one of the most memorable photo opps of my life. Thank you Mr. Thompson!! Looks like he’s really happy to meet the ole guru huh? Getting my picture taken with a foreign dignitary AND free liquor. What a country! Peach Y’all G Techndu free web hosting. It doesn’t get better than free.

Mar 4 2009

Why Am I Not Converting or Why We All Think a 2% Conversion Rate is Pretty Good

Guruisms for the week of 02-03-09 > The extrovert in me loves online marketing because there are as many things to sell and ways to sell them as there are the sum total of human experience. The introvert part of me loves online marketing because there is no failure. There is only missing projections and not hitting your numbers. The only way to fail is to quit and that is not failing, that is quitting. G                                                                                 Why Am I Not Converting? Well, the short answer is — you are thinking about you and not about them. Or even worse, you’re not thinking at all. Do you have ANY idea how much money gets spent on market research? Trying to predict whether a new product will be a big hit or a big flop, or whether, “you deserve a break today” will sell more burgers than “I’m loving it”. Don’t feel bad.   It was more of a rhetorical question anyway since I don’t actually know the correct answer and apparently neither does Google But I can say with considerable confidence it is a XXXXload!!! Naturally, the vast majority of us online can not even come close to being able to afford what it really costs to conduct, accepted in a scientific sense, marketing research. I’m not talking about running keyword suggestion tools while we rub our chins looking at AWstats and tell ourselves we are doing behavioral analysis. I’m talking about conducting surveys of a cross section or your target market, (do you know who you’re target market is? Some companies pay millions of dollars just to find that out). Eye tracking, psychological profiling, demographic analysis or even neuromarketing.     Anyone happen to have a MRI I could borrow? Do we tell ourselves that stuff doesn’t really matter or do we try to expand our scope of expertise and keep raising the bar on what we CAN do? No one has to look at very many websites, big or small, to see that the vast majority of developers have built sites that pay VERY little heed to anything beyond flash templates or placing the target keywords in the title tag. And that is only the “GOOD” sites